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Sunday, October 20, 2013

With these images I wanted to capture the lightness that one feels while dreaming; the place where dream and reality is indistinguishable. Both of these images are composites, digitally altered in photoshop and with vscocam.

Autumn is a season of dreams for me. The cold air, the leaves, the drinking my weight in lattes, scarves, and creativity flowing from all areas of my life. I feel magical. I feel alive, while nature is taking a turn with death.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I snapped this right as the sky was opening up to pour rain on Loveland, Colorado. I reached my car just as an early fall downpour started. It was a moment of pure joy and satisfaction.

Personally, I am not a fan of haunted things. I scare easily, and then get embarrassed. What I do love however is the idea of haunting. Especially because the English language allows me to describe something as "hauntingly beautiful" or imply that I am being haunted by the fact that I have yet to consume my afternoon latte. What haunts me about this photo is the experience of taking it. Up close this building is, at best, falling apart. The huge peace sign is an old Christmas wreath made from greenery and lights, and on the weekends this place is used as an art gallery. It really is something to see. At dusk, right before a rain storm, it draws you in and you become apart of it.

Future Regrets

She followed her passion.
She took photos.
She made flowers out of old books.
She ran and spent time in nature.
Her life was magical and she knew
that for her, there were no future regrets.

She worked too much.
She ignored her passion.
She filled her pockets with money.
She ignored her body.
Her life was dark and she knew
that for her, there were many future regrets.

Then one day she woke up.
She left her job.
She emptied her pockets.

She followed her passion.
She took photos.
She made flowers out of old books.
She ran and spent time in nature.
Her life was magical and she knew
that for her, there were no future regrets.

Little Leaves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Found this on a walk today. I might have helped the leaves get into line, a little. I think I will go back and rescue this gorgeous piece of wood, it really needs a loving home to live in. I will be listing this photo on Etsy later, both as a Polaroid and a large print. I think I will even make one for myself.

This Morning

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This morning was a battle. It snuck in quietly, first with nightmares that gently stroked my head as I slept. Terrified to open my eyes, to submit to waking, I buried myself into the sleeper next to me. Then the pain oozed in, crawling up from behind me and wrapping long thorny arms around my waist. Upon waking the nightmare masked itself in anxiety and settled in with the pain in my lower abdomen. I tried to retreat and put my white flag up, but this morning follows no such rules of war.
White flag burning I carry my battle with me, finally finding comfort in a hiding place with a view of the mountains and a warm cup of coffee to ease the pain. I am exhausted but evening is cool and quiet and will take me in just at the right time.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Venting --
lashing out
trapped in routine,
thick as mud
begging for cool
rain to wash it away. 

Selfish and frustrated --
I want to think only of myself
and she won't let me.

She carries misery with her
and I grasp for the strings of
joy as they float away over
my head. 

It really is very frustrating. 

© Megan Adkins 2013

Discrepancy & Paradox

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Discrepancy and paradox
chaos and calm
wild and free
oppressed and depressed
anxious and tied down, or up.

Up, or down, tied and anxious
depressed and oppressed
free and wild
calm and chaos
paradox and discrepancy. 

© Megan Adkins 2013

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